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Life has taken me a lot of places... and into many circumstances that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. Today, I defy fate (God, whatever) by confronting it directly. Rather than going where life leads me, and dealing with the consequences, I will now go where I want to (and still deal with the consequences, but at least they will be consequences of my own choices rather than consequences of having been born).

Don't miss me.

Don't pray for me.

Don't worry about me.

But above all... don't forget me. I was here.

,,,. { o j o } .,,,


If you can read this, it pertains to you.

I'm not necessarily advocating purchase of Sony (or Dell, or whomever) products, but I am encouraged to see tech companies taking responsibility for their planned obsolesence (a far cry better than the auto industry has been doing for the last 50+ years).

Virtual Split Screen in TF: a theory

I've mentioned this to a couple people already, but I figured I'd go ahead and post it for anyone who might have the skill and inclination to write it.

Years ago, TFPREFIX became a standardized 'add-on' in the MU world. Keep this in mind, because it's useful to the rest of this post.

"Oh, Penn..." Says Me.

Once this scrolls out of the 'recent posts', it will begin to fade into the background as a spooky, fun surprise; and, as a beneficial side-effect, eventually the shortest route to it (other than a direct link) will be through my blog page, which masks replies and will further enhance the 'quest' aspect of this post (more art?).

A b r a _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Kids on the 'Net

I would like to open an active discussion with reference to the topic of "Children on the Internet".

Some things I DO NOT want to discuss include, but are not limited to:

* Who is responsible for them? (there's only one answer, in my opinion, and that is: the parent, guardian, or other authorized adult who provides them access!)

Some things I DO want to discuss include (but, again, are not limited to):

* What can we (the PennMUSH community) do to promote and encourage responsible use of Internet resources among young people (where 'young people' is defined as: anyone between the ages of 5 and 13 -- basically anyone who can type semi-coherent sentences into a MU* client and who hasn't yet taken an interest in the opposite gender)?


This thread is where I'll post stuff about the WARPEDcore Project.

Please notice that, with this post, I am releasing (in a way) a portion of that project (and preparing to release the remainder soon).

One of the key things to keep in mind about this project is that is as much a philosophy as it is a coded system. In fact, I'd even venture to say that it's far more the former than the latter. Specifically with reference to its emphasis on attribute naming conventions. And on that note...

I am announcing at this time that the WARPED~core project will be using a single specific attribute name for a special purpose. Specifically, that attribute name is '~' -- the tilde -- and the purpose is as follows.

Intramural Computer Gaming as a Holographic Spectator Sport

This thread contains information about my interest in Graphical MUDding (MMORPGs - Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Games). Specifically, it's adaptation to the Intramural Gaming Paradigm.

Initial links to help you begin to see the various aspects of the industry I'm watching are:

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