It is, but it isn't.

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Judgment Day is basically "now" (it's always now). The Court of Public Opinion is always in session. And, there's always someone willing to appeal their case there. (leverage their reputation, risk humiliation, flail in desperation, whatever)

This may or may not be helpful.

In the MU-niverse of text-based gaming, there is a great deal of leeway being presumed which technically doesn't exist. Countless times I've witnessed conversations in which egregious violations of copyright and/or trademark law were completely ignored for the sake of game stability or game advancement. The justification usually stems from a blind faith belief in the rapidly evolving state of things and a similar blind faith belief that people will forget (and if not, perhaps we can convince them to forgive... later).

In this /. story, the person fully admits s/he's a plagiarist, in gross violation of someone else's rights. I don't think s/he realizes that, though - neither the fact that it's an admission nor the offense being admitted. It's all masked behind a guise of 'respectful flattery through emulation' (we all want to paint ourselves in the best possible light).

Yet, it's all still there in print

* making a clone of a rather obscure old game
* my clone is very similar to the old game
* my clone even has a very similar name because I want to attract fans of the original

These outright confessions of plagiarism are then obscured by a passionate appeal to the masses for help defending... something (the crime?)... And the responses are wide and varied, including everything from "the laws are too complex" to "how likely is it you'll be sued?", all of which embrace the same misguided concept I started out with in THIS post. (see the first paragraph) -- how to 'get away' with copyright violations by hiding them, disguising them, or ... simply hoping they go unnoticed.

After several dozen 'mob sentimentality' responses (modded up because the moderators had no idea themselves and wanted to join the mob sentiment? who knows)... a few who "get it" finally emerge (and, no, I'm not talking about the one who said 'get permission' - getting permission beforehand is a good idea, but this is WAAAY too late to go asking for permission - forgiveness or mercy perhaps, but not permission).

Here's the post that turns the 'reality check' corner - basically pointing out - the poster plagiarized, the poster is already in deep doodoo, if the poster wants it to get in even deeper doodoo keep asking for legal advice from the slashdot mob and then follow it.

The MU-niverse is rife with this. Why? Because "it's just MUSHcode".