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Full Steam Ahead....

So, I've gotten my server account set up and managed to get the 1.8.3p9 files copied into my shell account. So now, I'm ready to put out ads for staff and start the coding and building process. Right now, I'm trying to alter my mush.cnf file to get the game set up. However, I'm still learning the ins and outs of UNIX and pico seems like a royal pain in the butt to me. I tried to download mush.cnf to my computer so I could edit it in notepad, but with no luck. Neither sx or sz worked when I tried to use them and I got error messages saying that there were no such commands.

Looking for a game system code and general new creator advice

Hello there,

So, like many players, I've been rolling the idea of creating and running a game around in my skull for some time now. So now, I'm in a position to set up my own server and start creating a game. The theme is going to be a 'Year One' combined Marvel/DC universe game and I'd like to use the old MEGS/DC Heroes RPG system to run it. I've seen games that use this system for defining attributes, powers, and such, but not a fully coded game system including dice rolling, character creation and advancement, ect. Does one exist for PennMUSH?

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