1.1 - Contributions and Development

This section is where user contributions will be run through the paces as they are considered for inclusion in the official release versions. Each and every line of code in the WARPEDcore will start its life here. This section is where MOST of the activity of this entire book SHOULD take place.

At the most basic explanation (as I am presently understanding this book format), the procedure should work something like this...

  • To contribute a module for consideration, use the 'create content' option on your account to create a 'book page' parented to THIS page (The WARPEDcore/The Code/Unofficial Contributions). It will go through the moderation process to be added as a page in the book. Then, it will be publicly evaluated and/or otherwise abused in discussion and tweaking via 'edits' and 'replies' (see below). And, eventually, will be considered for inclusion in the official release (at which time, it would be appropriately moved thereto).
  • To submit a patch or tweak, use the 'edit' tab (just below the title of this page) and include a comment in the 'log' window at the bottom, explaining what you did. It, too, will go through the moderation process before being approved for inclusion (it might also be a good idea to start out with a discussion thread, see below)
  • To make a suggestion or request (i.e., you know something is needed, but are uncertain if you'd be able to code it right, or whatever) or to otherwise discuss or comment upon existing code submissions, use the 'reply' option.

NOTE: Just because a contribution isn't immediately considered for inclusion in the official release does not necessarily mean it's been rejected therefrom. I suspect many contributions will go through a very long period of 'not quite ready'-ness, for whatever reason (maybe the core isn't really ready to deal with the larger implications of adding some specific module - whatever). Point being: don't be discouraged if your really cool idea version 42.b5 just hangs out here for a while in the 'debug, comment, and abuse' phase.

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Formatting comments

Personally, I don't think it is inappropriate to post entire scripts (see the ~reboot and ~cron), if they are concise and well-documented. Even the documentation in a script should be subject to review. Eventually, packages will be moved to the Official Release category, at which time they should be a completed package ready for use ... and... ready for locating and fixing bugs (e.g., if you find a bug and want to submit a patch, you need to patch the SCRIPT or PACKAGE... not just tweaking a line of code on an object - that is... the package itself must be fixed so that it installs the fixed version). That, having been said, if objections arise (perhaps Javelin or Noltar think this method is too much of a burden on Drupal or the webserver - or maybe through trial and error we discover this just doesn't work well), we'll adapt. Meanwhle keep in mind that once a package becomes an "Official Release", it will also be placed on ftp.pennmush.org (no need to navigate through this web book if you know precisely what you're wanting).

Other points about posting code...

Through trial and error, I've discovered that the <code> tag works nicely if you include enough white-spaces for line wrapping of your code.

  • instead of 'power-condensing' your code, go ahead and take advantage of the free whitespaces that pennmush will ignore. For example, writing..
    pemit(%#, foo)

    instead of...


    will allow your code to wrap 'naturally' instead of creating a 17-screenwidth wide display, because you stripped out all the whitespace (natural wrap places).

  • when using the <code> tag along with preformatted comments within your script, if you use a line width of 79 characters, Drupal tries to wrap them in a 1024x768, default Firefox. using a line width of 75 characters, Drupal does not do this. (I didn't try all numbers in between, only those that 'looked good' with my ruler lines.)

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