Wiki for MUSH Servers

Submitted by Brazil on Mon, 2005-11-28 15:10

Take a look at the new Wiki and make your mark. It's not just about TinyMUX.

Answering detailed questions on a regular basis? Rereading parts of the code that you just looked at 3 months ago? Need to spend 45 minutes to elaborate on an important point to answer a question, but you don't have 45 minutes to spare? Studying an unfamiliar codebase to nail down a behavior the help files left ambiguous? A Wiki is the answer.

Already, it has paid dividends to me by keeping conversations short and efficient. Already, it has enabled information to flow sideways around me instead of through me. Already, the answers there are typically fuller than the answers I could afford to retype in 45 minutes.

With a single check-in, a server's behavior changes, but it is helpful to know how servers are different and why. This helps players who use both. This helps maintainers focus on how to smooth over the rough spots.

Write and review on the wiki when you have some spare time, and save us all those 45 minutes later.

-- Brazil