Direction of PennMUSH

Submitted by walker on Fri, 2006-09-08 22:33

With Javelin retiring, PennMUSH is now on the shoulders of the remaining devs. Javelin has done amazing things with PennMUSH, and taken it so far that it'd be barely recognizable by the people who originally turned it over to him. With the onus of advancing and maintaining PennMUSH now in our laps, we're just getting over blinking at each other and scratching our heads.

So at the moment, we're maintaining. But maybe we'd like to do more than just maintain it and keep it bug free. Where would you like to see PennMUSH in 1 year? 3? 5?

Our standard library (list(functions)) is already massive. Do you want to see it grow with more shortcuts for your code?

RHost and TM3 are working on loadable modules. Do you people see any real benefit from that?

There's a number of space systems out there. PennMUSH doesn't officially support any space systems. Do you think this should change? Should we add in functions that would be useful to most space systems?

Lots of people joke about adding other language support in. Does anyone really want this in any form?

Any number of other ideas appreciated. Comment and give your opinion! ;)