0.9 - Credits: Who's who

Submitted by Trispis on Fri, 2006-09-15 15:15


Credit and thanks for contribution in the form of discussion, critique, philosophical commentary, recommended additions and changes, motivational kudos, and/or any other form of constructive input toward the creation of the original Manifesto and Code pieces is extended to the following people:

  • Matt @ M*U*S*H -- Without Matt's enthuseastic encouragement, I never would have even started this project. Thanks, mate.
  • Javelin @ M*U*S*H -- As usual, Javelin has been supportive with encouragement and insightfully constructive input. Thanks.
  • Others Players at M*U*S*H -- As mentioned in the introduction and early portions of this document, much credit and many thanks are extended to any and/or all of M*U*S*H's citizenry who have contributed ideas, suggestions, and/or encouragement to the creation of projects such as this one, and this one in particular.

Credit for specific individual contributions should be documented within the contributions themselves.

Credit for bug reports and patches will be maintained in this book in some way.