WARPEDcore Now Online

Submitted by Trispis on Sat, 2006-09-16 06:59

I wasn't sure which topic to apply to this story (I think of it as an "Administration" "Tool" in the form of a "Softcode - System"), so I chose to use the same category as the collaborative book to which it refers.

I'm pleased to announce that the WARPEDcore Project is now officially online. (If the previous link url becomes inaccurate, click the "Collaborative books" link in the upper right corner of this page, and you'll find it listed there.)

The book is composed of two main sections:

  • The Manifest - Based on "The WARPEDcore Manifesto", this serves a philosophical starting point, as well as a place of reference for resolving design issues and such.
  • and...

  • The Code - Basically what it says - this is where the code is being developed. It, too, is divided into two sections:
    • Official Releases - All component modules which have been officially included as part of the WARPEDcore codebase will be maintained in this section.
    • and...

    • Contributions and Development - This is where most of the activity should take place (at least at the beginning of this project). Here, you can: contribute modules, submit patches, report bugs, and otherwise contribute to the growth of the WARPEDcore.

After 2 years offline, I am soooooo pleased to return to the net and find that all of this stuff survived on archive.org (man, that place is a life-saver). Having retrieved all these goodies (and more!), I'm very relieved to finally have them publicly available in a form which will hopefully keep them alive and well for years to come.

Participation is encouraged.