Teaching and Learning Festival: M*U*S*H, April 2007

Submitted by javelin on Thu, 2007-03-15 12:34

M*U*S*H (mush.pennmush.org 4201) has designated April 2007 to be "Teaching and Learning" Month. Teaching and learning are two key components of M*U*S*H's theme.

We're looking for as many MUSHers as possible who want to teach something to other players during that month - and we believe that everyone has something to teach. Virtually any content: teach us a game, teach us about philosophy, show us how to write a poem or some poem-generating mushcode. Virtually any format: lectures, discussions, tutorials, workshops, one-shot or in a series.

Update: Lots of stuff is scheduled (see comments), but still room for more!

Interested players should create characters at M*U*S*H and can @mail Javelin with the details of their activity (what date(s), time(s), content, format, if there's any maximum or minimum audience size), or can post directly to the M*U*S*H calendar with +gda (See: +gda/help create). Offerings will appear on +gda and on the Festival Events bulletin board (+help bb). I'll also post about them as they're scheduled as comments to this story on c.p.o.

Look forward to seeing you!