Text-based games and our future: some ideas from the pennMUSH community.

Submitted by boris on Mon, 2007-04-16 20:00

On April 14, 2007, a group of players gathered to discuss the future of text-based games. After a brief talk by Boris, the conversation opened, and some good ideas were put forth.

Here's a list of suggestions we compiled. It is my hope that this serves as the beginning of a broader conversation which will help our genre grow!

1) Invite a friend to mush - personally each out to people and invite them to text-based games.

2) Don't think "what can we do to help pennmush", but rather, "what can we do to help text-based gaming"

3) The community should back the resources that welcome group effort (The tinymux wiki, M*U*S*H, Electric Soup)

4) Unity -- Let's get lots of MUSHes together for parties, let's have the admin discuss successes and failures regularly, and help each other out.

5) Experiment. Be bold. Try new things, teach people about new features, and new plots. Frustrate your players, because only THEN can they have the happiness of real success. You'll drive some people away, but unless you do something knuckleheaded, the players worth keeping will endure it and hope you do better next time.

6) Organize -- Lists of MUSHes.. Categorizing of MUSHes--not by THEME. Like... Does this serve for Killers/Socialisers/Achieves/Explorers best? What systems are coded, and how are they coded--and why are they special?" make a list of 25 to 50 magazines, websites, and communities we want to reach out to.

7) Improve cohesive documentation. Perhaps there could also be a community wide (and I mean whole MU* community) codification on newbie helping.

8) Draw up a "how to be friendly to new players" guide (MU* agnostic). If we want to be funny, we could make a "how to drive players away from your MU*"

9) Clearly state (on connect.txt, or something like that) if this MU* is appropriate for very new players

Please feel free to comment - The full conversation should be on M*U*S*H shortly.