c.p.o: Your blog here

Submitted by javelin on Thu, 2007-06-07 18:21

If you have an account on community.pennmush.org, you have a blog here! If you hadn't noticed it, you view it with the 'my blog' link and add entries with the 'create content...blog entry' link.

Why do I mention this now? Because when you blog, your entries show up in the "Recent blog posts" block on the left, and people will read what you write and will comment. That's a really good thing, both for you (because if you have a question or want to brainstorm, the replies can be great) and for the MUSH community. Blog posts that are particularly community-powerful may find themselves on the front page of c.p.o, too.

I want to hear about what you're doing with your MUSH. What's new at your game? What's working really well and getting you excited? What do you want to vent about and get support or help with? What can you teach me about playing or running a MUSH?

Blog early and often!