Call for submissions: Best practices for MUSH players

Submitted by javelin on Mon, 2007-06-11 12:56

Hi, folks. I'm hoping to run a future Tinytalk episode on the topic of "Best practices for MUSH players", and I'd like help deciding just what those are. Naturally, I think you can help.

By best practices, I mean what you'd tell another MUSH player if you were asked for advice on a really good thing to do or learn to make one a better MUSH player: a better roleplayer, a better socializer, a better builder, or a better softcoder. The focus this time around is on mortal players, so no best practices for administration or game design (maybe we'll do that later? :)

To contribute to the episode, do one of the following (they're in my order of preference, most preferred first):

  • Record yourself saying the following: "This is Yourname from Yourmush. My advice to {roleplayers, socializers, builders, softcoders} is:" followed by your advice. Send me a WAV file of your recording by email (
  • Call the Tinytalk voice mail line and record a message in the above format. That number is 206-333-1542.
  • Email me a statement in the above format at

Thanks very much for your help. I know there's a lot of good thinking about what makes a better MUSH player, and I'm sure you've got really useful things to share!