Virtual Inventory +Look Code

Submitted by Reaver on Sat, 2009-12-05 05:43

A nice little expansion to add +look to your arsenal of commands in the Virtual Inventory System. As the title says, this is the +look code to look at an item, and get its description. It applies to items in the room, as well as the user's inventory.

+look *: Is the proper syntax.

You can add descriptions for item types by adding &DESC_# Item Database=Description.

For example, if
&1_GENERAL Item Database=Food
is your item.. Then..
&1_DESC Item Database=An edible item made of delicious.
would be your description.

Replaced #27 with the dbref of your Item System.

&CMD`+LOOK #27=$+look *:@pemit %#=[switch(t(setr(I,grab(setunion(default(%#/list`inventory,),default(%L/list`inventory,),|),[edit(%0,%b,_)]*,|))),1,[u(ufun`look,%qI)],I don't see that here.)]
&UFUN`LOOK #27=[ansi(hw,[edit(first(%0),_,%b)])]%r[udefault(%VD/[extract(%0,2,1)]_DESC,You see nothing special.)]