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New Management Shakeup

I for one welcome our new evil overlord.

You shouldn't notice any difference to how Jav did it and how I will do it, though he has had more experience. I will also be a fair (I can say that right?) and just (I am hoping I can say that too) administrator of this community forum, and hopefully we get lots more informative articles written (like we are all used to from the early days years ago).

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Under new management

I'm pleased to announce that will so be managed by user ray73864, known to many as qa'toq@M*U*S*H, who has generously agreed to take over from me. There will be a brief period of transition where we're both managing the site as he gets up to speed, and then I'll be just another pretty avatar!

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M*U*S*H April 1 riddle

It's April 1, and the annual hunt for M*U*S*H has begun again. For reference and convenience, here's the 2011 riddle:

M*U*S*H - Get Stuff Done Weekend!

I have a proposal: Leverage our strong community of MUSHers and beat down our communal sense of laziness. =)

Let's Get Something Done on the weekend of December 10!

Potato version 2.0.0b7 released

Version 2.0.0b7 of Potato, the graphical MU* Client for Windows and Linux, has just been released. You can obtain it from the Google Code site. Fun new shiny things include:

  • Spellchecking (using ASpell)
  • Basic SSL support
  • Looooads of bug fixes, including a couple of big ones (particularly important if you play on any MUXes)
  • A few other, less notable but equally shiny, things

Any questions, problems, suggestions, etc, please drop me a page/@mail/email, or open a ticket on the Google Code site.


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A tool to recover a lost #1 password

Brazil of TinyMUX fame has written Omega, a flatfile converter that can remove #1's password attribute on PennMUSH as well as other server flavors. Check it out at

Run as: omega -1 mydb mydb.out

He suggests that you examine a diff between the original and omegafied db to make sure it's only changed what you wanted it to, just in case.

Running Pennmush in Cygwin

After spending many minutes trying to figure out how to get pennmush running on Cygwin, and many many more minutes asking the good folks of +hardcode @M*U*S*H, I have succeeded in making it run, connecting to it, and creating a batch file that can be placed in the windows startup folder or otherwise utilized to make it start without actually having to open a cygwin window.

Here's how:
This assumes you've installed cygwin to C:\cygwin. If not, replace path information as necessary.

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Corpolitick 2.2 starting at M*U*S*H

Corpolitick 2.2 - The Game of Organizational Dominance(TM)(R)(C)

In the not-too-distant future, power is forged, wielded, shattered, reforged, sharpened, wielded again, broken again, and hung on the wall as a Relic of Mystery by Organizations, ranging from tiny partnerships to mammoth multicontinent corporations, from strange clans to stranger nonprofit NGOs, from Amalgamated Marketing Marketing ("We only sell salesmen who sell salesmen") to PhytoCarn Products ("Animal-based health food for plants") to Geeks'R'Us to Walt-You-Will-Have-Fun-Corporate-World.

Blood of Dragons MUSH -- Weekend Events

Blood of Dragons is set in the low-magic, medieval-inspired fantasy world of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Knowledge of the books is not required for players with some MU*ing experience, though it is definitely helpful.

The game takes place 140 years prior to the start of the first book, A Game of Thrones. The end of King Daeron's campaign in Dorne is fast approaching, and this weekend Blood of Dragons MUSH will be hosting two high-profile events that constitute the climax of the Conquest of Dorne:

Setting up 3 mushes as services on win32

I'm a system admin who is hosting three seperate mushes on a win32 precompiled environment. Until know I've started them off using a batch file that one of the mush owners made. It basically does this:

"c:\Program Files\mushes\game 1\pennmush\game\"pennmush /run
"c:\Program Files\mushes\game 2\pennmush\game\"pennmush /run
"c:\Program Files\mushes\game 3\pennmush\game\"pennmush /run

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