The kindling of a new client

Submitted by walker on Sun, 2011-05-01 02:12

I've been working on developing a new client to scamper alongside the giants: Tinyfugue, MUSHclient, Potato, Atlantis, and many others. Into this world now comes my creation: Banana of the many Clients.

To be specific, Banana is an HTTP <-> Mu* gateway. It creates a proxy that web pages can use to build pure-HTML-and-Javascript web clients, using AJAX to poll events.

The web has exploded the past 10 years. From <a href> to $('#foo').click(...), from IE 4.0 to Chrome, the web has grown by leaps and bounds in usability. More people are probably working on JavaScript right now than TFScript has had in its entire history. More designers are comfortable with HTML than a toolkit, even those running on .NET.

So why not utilize that power to bring MU*ing to the 21st century Web?

New Management Shakeup

Submitted by ray73864 on Sun, 2011-04-17 21:33

I for one welcome our new evil overlord.

You shouldn't notice any difference to how Jav did it and how I will do it, though he has had more experience. I will also be a fair (I can say that right?) and just (I am hoping I can say that too) administrator of this community forum, and hopefully we get lots more informative articles written (like we are all used to from the early days years ago).

Under new management

Submitted by javelin on Sun, 2011-04-17 21:20

I'm pleased to announce that will so be managed by user ray73864, known to many as qa'toq@M*U*S*H, who has generously agreed to take over from me. There will be a brief period of transition where we're both managing the site as he gets up to speed, and then I'll be just another pretty avatar!

Potato version 2.0.0b7 released

Submitted by talvo on Thu, 2010-09-23 18:08

Version 2.0.0b7 of Potato, the graphical MU* Client for Windows and Linux, has just been released. You can obtain it from the Google Code site. Fun new shiny things include:

  • Spellchecking (using ASpell)
  • Basic SSL support
  • Looooads of bug fixes, including a couple of big ones (particularly important if you play on any MUXes)
  • A few other, less notable but equally shiny, things

Any questions, problems, suggestions, etc, please drop me a page/@mail/email, or open a ticket on the Google Code site.