PennMUSH 1.7.6p13

Submitted by javelin on Sun, 2003-08-17 16:06

PennMUSH 1.7.6p13 is released in the usual place. This release contains minor bugfixes for unusual conditions, and the beginnings of the Romanian translation.

Dealing with softcode datatypes in hardcode

Submitted by raevnos on Wed, 2003-06-25 23:19

When adding a new softcode function to the Penn source, you'll quickly notice that all the arguments are passed as strings (In the args array), and it returns values by adding them to another string. But in softcode, you have functions that expect numbers, dbrefs, etc. Penn provides a set of functions for use in the hardcode for converting strings to and from C types upon which real work can be done, and for appending values to the return string buffer.

They're described in the following table:

PennMUSH 1.7.7p14

Submitted by javelin on Thu, 2003-05-29 10:34

We're pleased to announce the release of PennMUSH 1.7.7p14. Both a patch and the tarball are available in the usual place (see Download link above)

The most significant change in this version is the introduction of the chunk-based memory manager, and its most noticeable effect is that infrequently-used attribute texts are now swapped to disk, reducing overall memory use significantly (about 40% around here) with little performance penalty. However, swapping does currently prevent forking dumps from working (they'll be forced to nonforking) so if you've got a lot of memory and you're really attached to forking dumps, be sure you read the comment in mush.cnf about how to set the memory cache large enough that swapping never happens.

PennMUSH 1.7.6p9 & 1.7.7p13

Submitted by javelin on Wed, 2003-04-09 14:27

PennMUSH 1.7.6p9 and 1.7.7p13 have been released in the usual place (follow the download link above).

These releases include fixes for a crash bug and a minor memory leak. The 1.7.7 release also includes initial support for interactions, a new hardcode feature, and several minor improvements.

M*U*S*H down

Submitted by javelin on Wed, 2003-03-26 21:09

Looks like M*U*S*H's host didn't like the new kernel installed today and has crashed or frozen up. It'll come back tomorrow morning at 9:30 am CST when I get into my office. Anyone who has spare remote reboot hardware (networkable power strip kind of stuff) should feel free to let me know. :)