SQL Prepared Statements ... in MUSHcode?!

Submitted by walker on Wed, 2008-06-25 23:02

Softcode is ugly. So is SQL. But when you try and combine them, that's a real recipe for disaster. There are so many things to watch for when bridging the gap between mushcode and the database. You get tired pretty quickly of all the sqlescape()s you have to do, of losing where you are in a query because of too much interpolated softcode, escaping all the commas so that the sql() function doesn't think you're passing too many arguments, etc etc etc. The list goes on and on, and I'm sure you can think of more problems to add.

Startup Presentation: Empire MUSH (new date: Apr 12, 2pm CDT)

Submitted by javelin on Mon, 2008-03-31 07:53

On Sunday, April 5 April 12, at 2 PM server time (CDT), in Omphalos Park on M*U*S*H (mush.pennmush.org 4201), Tyr will announce and discuss the game he's been working on, tentatively titled 'The Empire MUSH.' Set in 11th-century Thuringia, Germany, the game is an attempt at marrying history and fantasy in a work of interactive fiction.

Working picnic 6: Ender 'Player Relations: Being a Benevolent Dictator'

Submitted by Elvie on Wed, 2008-03-12 06:31

This Sunday's working picnic at M*U*S*H (mush.pennmush.org 4201) will be presented by Ender. The subject is 'Player Relations: Being a Benevolent Dictator'

It should be interesting and thought-provoking so do come along.

There's a bit of an issue with daytime savings time. The US has changed and the UK hasn't, but I'm going to stick with GMT time until the end of the month so this picnic will be held at:

10:30pm GMT
5:30pm Chicago (MUSHtime)

Hope everyone can come along :)

Managing your MUSH Working Picnic #4 with Javelin!

Submitted by Elvie on Tue, 2008-02-26 17:25

The working picnic series, Managing Your MUSH continues at M*U*S*H (mush.pennmush.org 4201) on Sunday 2nd March.

Excitingly, our guest speaker for this week is Javelin who will be talking on 'Good to Great for MUSH' and everyone is welcome. Tell all your friends and pack your picnic hamper! Following the talk, there will be plenty of time for discussion.

These events are proving very popular with some fascinating discussions.

Sunday working picnic #3 - ' Book-Based MU*s. From Choosing a Theme to Managing Player Expectations' with Nymeria

Submitted by Elvie on Fri, 2008-02-22 13:16

The 'Managing your MUSH' working picnic series goes from strength to strength. Following Impster's superb presentation and discussion last week and a big turn-out, this week's guest speaker is Nymeria who will be talking on the subject of MUSH themes and player expectations.

It will be held in Linden Grove at M*U*S*H (mush.pennmush.org 4201) on Sunday 22nd February at 4:30pm MUSHtime (Chicago)/10:30pm GMT.

Do come along, the talks are usually short and interesting and there's plenty of time for discussion.