Interesting @chatformats

Interesting @chatformats Nammyung Sat, 2007-07-21 10:14


The one I'm using currently (slightly modified from the previous version):

@chatformat me=if(or(strmatch(%0,@),grab(v(nochatformat),%1)),%5,if(not(cor(grab(v(ignorelist),%3),grab(v(ignorelist_%1),%3))), [if(strlen(%4),%4%b,)]%3[switch(%0,",%bsays\,%b"%2",\:,%b%2,\;,%2,|,%b\@cemits-->%b%2)],))

&nochatformat me=a list of channels you don't want @chatformat to parse

&ignorelist me=a list of playernames you want to ignore globally

&ignorelist_public, &ignorelist_softcode, etc =list of playernames you want to ignore, on a per-channel basis

&chancolors me=public:h food:g softcode:c
(for example)

Possibly buggy, but let me know if anyone else has interesting @chatformats they would like to share!