RSS feeds and MUD / MUSH news sites

RSS feeds and MUD / MUSH news sites boris Tue, 2007-08-07 07:59

I am a RSS guy - I subscribe to well over 300 RSS feeds, and every morning, I skim through the headlines (using google reader) - it's like a customized newspaper.

I wanted to share the sites I visit for news / information about MUSHing and text-based gaming in general. What sites do you visit to get information about muds, mushes and their ilk? (rss) (rss) (rss) (recent changes rss) (rss) (rss) (rss) (rss)

I'm not sure these will work for everyone, but I subscribe to the following RSS feeds to newsgroups (you might need to join first): (rss) (rss) (rss)