Submitted by javelin on Sun, 2012-02-12 21:58

This collaborative book contains the content that used to be housed in the PennMUSH Faq-o-Matic. Of course, like the Faq-o-Matic, you should extend the book by adding comments and replies!


  1. The code and answers in the Faq-o-Matic are pretty old (like 2000-2006, mostly), and many of the solutions/workarounds have been superseded by improved features in PennMUSH! Someone should update each page to modern best practice.
  2. The cpo drupal site seems to be escaping all ' and \ characters (maybe there\'s some kind of anti-XSS filter running in drupal or apache?) So a lot of regex-related code that might use \ is probably wrong. Someone should clean this up, either by ditching the filter or manually replacing all the quotes with ' and the backslashes with \