Will there ever be wait(), trigger() or force() functions?

Submitted by javelin on Sun, 2012-02-12 22:45

Will there ever be wait(), trigger() or force() functions?

No. The exploits made possible by side-effect functions pale in comparison to what can be done with functions that add commands to the queue. Imagine someone exploiting badly-written code on a wizard object that lets them evaluate arbitrary code as that wizard object. (It happens. A lot. Especially with people who don\'t know how to make iter() safe writing code). They could use it to do a @shutdown, or @nuke most of the database, or other nasty things. This is not desirable.

2001-Mar-28 11:02am shawnw

They could already cause this much damage using the set() function.

I thought the real reason wait(), trigger() and force() won\'t be implemented is that allowing functions to add entries to the queue is very difficult to implement without introducing denial of service vulnerabilities.

2003-Apr-23 7:17am pmak

These functions appear to have been implemented since the original author wrote this. I actually believe that this is not a bad thing since it adds a lot of power. I take the same attitude to mush object security as computer security. I would never intentionally try to do harm myself, but I presume that others will. I personally use regex matching on all commands to ensure safety. I have very little sympathy for wizards who fail to take basic precautions.

2005-Jul-23 6:53am interfecus