Where can I get a softcoded chargen system?

Submitted by javelin on Sun, 2012-02-12 22:46

Where can I get a softcoded chargen system?

There are few released softcoded chargen systems, as these systems are usually highly specific to the individual MUSH\'s notion of what a "character" should include (stats? skills? virtues and flaws?) and how they should be generated (roll dice? spend points? choose from lists?)

The good news is that there *is* a program that *generates* chargen systems, based on a rather simple specification. It\'s called \'gengen\' and you can try it out online (http://javelin.pennmush.org/gengen.html) and download it if you want to run it locally. It\'s written in perl, and produces output in quickbuild format (quickbuild\'s another perl script that speeds up offline building of areas, and is at http://javelin.pennmush.org/quickbuild.html).

gengen can produce chargen areas that are either linear (you go through them in order) or spoke-topology (you go through the facets in any order), and can create rooms for attributes to be set by dice rolling, point spending, choosing from a list, or entering arbitrary text. gengen-produced chargen systems are functional, but you\'ll often want to use them as a starting point for further customization.

2007-Mar-18 12:41pm dunemush

The Sandbox Globals Project also has a chargen system. See http://sgp.erisian.net/cgen/ for details.

2002-Jan-04 8:49pm shawnw