My Parent Room object isn\'t working.

Submitted by javelin on Sun, 2012-02-12 22:58

I Found some softcode on the Net, that creates a fancier version for displaying objects and exits, the only problem is that it didn\'t display them in two side by side columns, so i attempted to join the example from this FAQ site with the other, it sort of works but the columns aren\'t displaying properly.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. The code is as follows:

@create Room Parent v.04
@link Room Parent v.04 = here
@set Room Parent v.04 = INHERIT
@set Room Parent v.04 = NO_COMMAND
@CONFORMAT Room Parent v.04=[ansi(gh,[ljust(Contents:,43)] Obvious Exits:%r)]
@set Room Parent v.04/CONFORMAT=no_command
&CREDITS Room Parent v.04=Coded by Jamie. For permission to use email
@DESCRIBE Room Parent v.04=[ansi(hb,[repeat(=,76)])]%r[u(me/inf_desc)]%r[ansi(hb,[repeat(=,76)])]
@set Room Parent v.04/DESCRIBE=no_command visual
@EXITFORMAT Room Parent v.04=[ljust([iter(lcon(me),[switch(##,%#,,[switch(hasflag(##,DARK),0,[switch(type(##),PLAYER,[switch(idle(##),-1,,%r[ansi(hc,[name(##)])])],THING,%r[ansi(c,[name(##)])])])])])],44)][iter(lexits(me),[switch(hasflag(##,DARK),0,{[ansi(c,<)][ansi(hc,[ucstr([extract([fullname(##)],2,1,;)])])][ansi(c,>)][ansi(r,-)][ansi(c,name(##))%r]},{})],)]
@set Room Parent v.04/EXITFORMAT=no_command
&INF_DESC Room Parent v.04=%tThis is the default description for the room parent by Jamie. You can set your own description with the inf_desc attribute. You can customize your top describe border with inf_desc_border_t and the bottom one with inf_desc_border_b. Also you can customize the headers for the contents and exits using inf_contents_header and inf_exits_header. Changing the color that objects and players show up in can be done with the inf_player_color and inf_obj_color. Changing the colors for the exits can be done with inf_exit_c. Further the exit alias color can be set with inf_alias_c and the brackets around the alias with inf_alias_bra.
@dolist [lattr(Room Parent v.04)] credits=@set Room Parent v.04/##=no_command
@set Room Parent v.04/credits=visual
@wait me/10=@pe/silent %#=[ansi(hr,INSTALLATION COMPLETE.)]%r[ansi(hc,Email with comments/feedback/questions)]

2001-Dec-22 3:43pm FishHerring73864

This is a good example of the wrong way to put questions up on the FAQ. Huge code-dumps usually don\'t go over well, especially when they\'re mangled into one big unreadable block. Fixing specific broken pieces of code is probably better left to mushes with code-help channels or other resources. What the code is doing instead of what\'s expected isn\'t even mentioned. At least what is expected is.

The idea is to have exits and contents in two columns, with colors in the exit names. There\'s a FAQ entry on both bits of it, and it\'s fairly easy to combine them. Take the format_exit attribute from the colorizing-exits FAQ, and plug it in where the two-columns FAQ gets the exit names.

Examples of good questions: How do I do SOMETHING? What\'s wrong with APPROACH? Why does THIS happen?

2002-Jan-04 9:13pm shawnw