How do I colorize exit names?

Submitted by javelin on Sun, 2012-02-12 23:00

As an example, here\'s a parent object that will, given exits following the common naming
pattern of : Name <Alias>;Alias, highlight the <Alias> bit. (It requires Penn 1.7.5).

 @create Color Exit Parent
 @exitformat Color Exit Parent=Obvious Exits:%r[map(format_exit, %0, %b, %r)]
 &format_exit Color Exit Parent=regedit(name(%0), <\\\\w+>$, setq(E, $0)[ansi(h, %qE)])

It\'s easy to extend the format_exit attribute to do transparent-room checks and any other features

2004-Jul-24 10:55am shawnw

I have done this, though I don\'t understand how to use the color exit parent once created. Please help.

2007-Jan-20 2:49am violetallure