I am having trouble using Zones

Submitted by javelin on Sun, 2012-02-12 23:01

I wish to use zones in the Mush that i am creating, but am instead having terrible difficulty.
I am trying to make it so that each empire has it\'s own zone, and in turn all rooms and exits and objects become apart of it. The main usage that i want to use an exit with a zone is so that only people with authorisation and/or is apart of that empire can enter through it.
I have as such tried, but with no luck, if anyone could help i would be gratefully appreciated.

2002-Jan-11 7:08pm FishHerring73864

This is for when you have different places on a MUSH grid (like 4 cities), and rather than have everything be in the Master Room, you want to have city-specific codes for each section of the grid. For the sake of ease, we\'ll call the zone-specific code Local Globals and the zone-master will be Zone Master Room.
1) Make sure that the room you are going to put the Local Globals in is @lock/zone <db #>==<whoever\'s in charge>. The double = is needed, otherwise someone can carry the person in charge and pass the lock.
2) @chzone <the room you want in the zone>=<db # of the Zone Master Room>
3) Drop all the Local Global objects into the Zone Master Room.
That should do it.

2002-Sep-20 9:43am ellis1138