How do I get the dbref of a room dug by a hotel vendor?

Submitted by javelin on Sun, 2012-02-12 23:11

How do I get the dbref of a room dug by a hotel vendor?

I have a wizard device that digs rooms for rental. The rented rooms are connected to the room in which the device sits.
How do I programmatically find out the dbref of the newly created room so that the device can either set descriptive text for the new room (desc, succ, osucc, ofail; etc) from its remote location, or [guarantee to] teleport the user to the room and force him/her to set these things? Room names are "1", "2" and so on.
Thanks in advance.

2008-May-09 9:52am eric.twose

>The main issue is that the vendor needs to be able to transfer ownership of the new room to the new tenant so that when we programmatically get him/her to move to the new room and set up desc, etc, we don\'t get permission denied errors. But without a dbref, the vendor cannot see the new room.

2008-May-09 10:35am eric.twose

Of course, the function dig() returns a dbref unlike @dig.
2008-May-09 2:12pm eric.twose