I accidently deleted some directories including the one where Penn saves databases to

Submitted by javelin on Mon, 2012-02-13 20:02

Oops. This means that saves don't work. Well, the database gets saved, but where it's saved to is no longer accessible outside of the mush process, so you can't get it from a shell.
Here's an (untested) possible approach to fixing it:
If you've lost the netmush binary, grab a new tarball and recompile using all the same options as theo original.
Attach to the running mush process using gdb (gdb netmush PID). At the gdb prompt, try 'p options.output_database = "/full/path/to/someplace/outdb"'. Do the same for options.chat_database and options.mail_database. Quit gdb, do a @dump, and look for the database files. Hopefully they're there.

2003-Apr-29 8:20pm shawnw