How do I make an actual game using Penn?

Submitted by javelin on Mon, 2012-02-13 20:04

How do I make an actual game using Penn?

Sorry, I am new here, just trying to figure out how to post a question. I downloaded PennMUSH, and I read the Guide for Gods, however, I didn't find information on how to CREATE a game? How do I create rooms, objects and NPC's? How do I make them talk and perform actions? How do I place objects in certain rooms and how do I bind them? I googled, but couldn't find a step-by-step manual, but I'd be pleased if anybody could point me towards some kind of manual that covers creating of a MUSH. Thanks, and sorry if I did something wrong while trying to post my question.

2003-Jun-09 2:32am zeitenflug

Ok, I DID somehow screw up while posting, I admit it, but I found an answer - isn't that amazing? To all people new to MUSHing in general and specifically to PennMUSH: My very short (and probably not all accurate answer) as to HOW DO I CREATE A GAME with PennMUSH:
It IS complicated, a lot more than, let's say, with MORDOR, but on the other hand it gives you a whole lot more opportunities, and if you aren't afraid to learn something new, it's an all powerful...errr... thingy.
MUSH seems to be some kinda "standard" - not really, since you can sometimes find things like "on TinyMush you have to type that-and-that and on PennMUSH this-and-that", but there's some kind of overall logic to all MUSHes and the language used to write games is generally the same.
It is called mushcode, and that's a vital information, since it took me some days to figure that one out (could somebody please put it into the manual?) and once you know it, it's easy to find tutorials and stuff on the internet. You could go to, e.g., or to Both are good starting points.
The problem is, with all things that are powerful, PennMUSH isn't something you just can download, use and enjoy as easily as MORDOR. You have to go through lots of tutorials first, learn about security issues and so on. Once you did it, there's a complicated programming language waiting to be explored, and so on. But wait - just go looking for the URLs. I'll open a BLOG at and I'll put down my way towards using PennMUSH. In case you're new to all this stuff, I'd be happy to hear from you and your efforts. Perhaps I can find out useful stuff, that helps getting you the hang of it.

2003-Jun-15 6:58am zeitenflug