Uppercase to Lowercase commands

Submitted by javelin on Mon, 2012-02-13 20:05

Is there any way to alias the uppercase commands like WHO to who and QUIT to quit? I'm moving over from TinyMUX where we're all used to just typing them lowercase and my players are requesting I figure this out.

2004-May-07 3:39pm kelvin

Not without modifying those bits of the source (In bsd.c) to do case-insensitive string comparisions.

2004-Jul-24 10:39am shawnw

UPPERCASE means something by convention in Penn. An uppercase command is one that's associated with the player's socket, rather than the player object. That's why you can QUIT a single connection, and not have all your connections logged out (and why you can't run WHO when you're disconnected).

2012-02-13 javelin