What is a Head Wizard? ~~~~ DRAFT

Submitted by MrWigggles on Fri, 2012-05-11 16:51

There is no definition of a Head Wizard, even though its a common staff title on many mu*s. However, there a lot of presumed attributes with the title, from both players and staff alike.

This article isn't trying to create a definition for Head Wizard, but I will be going over what I think a Head Wizard should be, and it's the kind of Head Wizard I try to be. What I hope this article will do, is for others to clearly define what it is, they mean by being a Head Wizard on a game, to cut on ambiguity, to set clearer expectations.

A popular thought of a Head Wizard is that they're the Owner and ultimate director of the game, they have the final say, ect. I dont believe this is true and often working at cross purposes for the mush.

Mushes are a collaborative experience from staffing to playing. I think Head Wizard should realize that creating the game, and running the game is a series of compromises and congruent efforts.

I think that a Head Wizard best effort is being a Producer. An overseer of the entire mush. They're meant to make sure everyone is talking to everyone, and trying to get what everyone needs to help them do their jobs. They're also there to help disseminate work loads.

As with being a Producer, the mush isn't so much 'your game', but the game, that you so happen to be the Producer of. I think Head Wizard should separate out that, they're the owner of the game (if they so happen to be), and being the Head Wizard. An Owner doesn't necessarily have to run the game, or be part of its administration.

I think those two positions of authority for the game should be clearly defined and separated. I also think that acting as the Owner should be used as sparingly as use #1.

I don't think it can be stressed enough that running a mush, and making one is a collaborative project. I see acting as the Owner is disallowing others to have a voice, or as strong as of voice, and the staff is working on the game for free, spending their free time on the project.

With that said, you are the Head Wizard, and I also believe that the Head Wizard should be providing a unified direction, and theme for the mush, and try to ensure that all those helping are on the same page, but to do this politely, softly and listening to new ideas and direction.