Hiring Builders for an RL City and Describers (no building)~ Willing to Teach

Submitted by MrWigggles on Wed, 2012-06-13 04:16


Navitas: City Limits is seeking builders, to help dig the
two grid areas. We also need various supplementary room descriptions. We're
willing to teach new builders how to build, as well as the 'do's and
donts' for describing rooms.

Navitas can be consider an alternative to World of Darkness games. Its
a contemporary urban fantasy high action theme, based on the
Dresden Files novel series.

Navitas is also hoping to employ a 'destructible grid', in where player's
role playing, can impact the grid itself. This requires a fair bit of work,
with each room requiring four additional descriptions, each describing
a further level of destruction.

The areas that remain to be dug is the Deer Canyon Park, (15-30
rooms) and The Burrows (15-30 rooms), the super natural shanty
town underground.

We have some tools, set up to make building in Penn easier, and we're
willing to offer the builder more tools if needed. We're also employing
Xterm Colors (256 Colors).

We're still looking for general staff for when the game opens, and
helping with the Grid will allow time for the existing staff to get to
know you, and for you to get to know us and see if you want to staff
with us.

Please drop by, if you're interested in building or staffing positions!
navitas.mu-world.net Port: 1986
My name is Wiggles, I'm the Headwizard. I'm on generally on from
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