CAAC to provide MU* Hosting in Private Beta

Submitted by Ender on Sat, 2014-11-08 12:16

As posted to M*U*S*H, currently bboard 7, post #69...

In preparation for launching a new MUSH/MU* hosting service with two flavors, one that provides just MU* hosting (shell account, mysql DB access, unlimited TCP connections, and a port number) and MU* and web/email hosting (shell account, mySQL DB access, unlimited TCP connections, port number, LAMP stack access.)

You can read about the service by going to and look at both offerings at the page.

There are a limited number of slots in the private beta. Those who purchase hosting now are not in the private beta, and will be billed normally.

For the private beta, you must:
1. Contact Ender@M*U*S*H via @mail or via e-mail and provide some information.

2. If selected, you will receive a coupon that makes the first month of hosting free. This will be the private beta period.

3. If you wish to end your hosting after we go public in mid December, then simply cancel and you can't be billed.

What we are looking for as far as the private beta, and what will get you a code:

- Please provide your name on M*U*S*H, so we know who the hell you are. If, strangely, you are not on M*U*S*H and yet are applying, who are you and how did you find about this?

- Please provide a brief description of your experience running a MU*.

- Please provide a brief description of your experience with Linux CLI and shell commands.

- Please provide a brief outline of why you're interested.

We are using this data to get a cross-section of people for the private beta.

Again, if you'd like to take part in this private beta, @mail Ender@M*U*S*H or email