Potato 2.0.0b10 released

Submitted by talvo on Fri, 2012-07-13 01:50

I am very happy to announce the release of version 2.0.0b10 of Potato, the graphical MUSH Client for Windows and Linux. It can be downloaded from the Google Code site.

This version includes a number of bug fixes, as well as some new features and improvements; the full list of changes is below.

Many thanks to Cheetah, who helped greatly in getting it running properly on Linux. Instructions for running Potato from the source on Linux are now available.

Input always appreciated - please feel free to drop me a page/@mail/email, leave a comment here, or open a ticket on the Google Code site.

-- Mike


  • Potato now handles it better when you attempt an SSL connection to a game/port which doesn't support SSL. Reported by Paige and Huz.
  • The new Packet Debugger's two text windows scrolled correctly when you used the scrollbar, but not when you used the mousewheel or cursor keys. This has now been fixed.
  • MacOS lineendings (LF) are now handled correctly when sending text to a MU on MacOS X. Reported by Minion.
  • A long-standing bug involving scrolling with exceptionally long lines in the backscroll has finally been tracked down and fixed. Huzzah! Reported by Paige.
  • Logs can now optionally include timestamps. Suggested by anony858.
  • It's now possible to suppress some Activity notifications for specific Events. Suggestion and patch by Huz.
  • The mousewheel could occasionally scroll two text widgets at once. Reported by Paige.
  • A new per-world option tells Potato to send a Telnet NOP (which does nothing) at regular intervals, to act as a keepalive. Suggested by Reaver.
  • Added a small margin to the left of the output text, to make selecting easier on some platforms. Requested by Minion.
  • New menu entries in the Text Editor and Mail Window for Cut/Copy/Paste. Suggested by Fally.
  • /show is now aliased to /world and /w for SimpleMU compatability. Suggested by AnneLions?.
  • Help for more /commands added after prodding by AnneLions?.
  • Much help getting Potato running from source on Linux provided by Cheetah. (Thankyouthankyou!)
  • The mouse wheel didn't always work on Linux. Reported by iconoclasmandheresy and Cheetah.
  • Potato was overly picky about the cipher to use for SSL connections, preventing connections to some games. Reported by Paige, fixed by Cheetah.
  • The Customize Keyboard Shortcut window didn't resize vertically properly. Reported by Cheetah.
  • New keyboard shortcut, Control+O, switches the focus between the two input windows. (Tab/Shift-Tab moves between all UI elements.) Suggested by Cheetah.
  • SSL support now works on Windows out of the box, without having to download or install any extra libraries.
  • The Linflash package, which allows for better taskbar-flashing on Linux, is now bundled. However, you may still need to compile it yourself to work correctly on your system.
  • Added a new 'Check for Updates' feature in the Help menu, which looks to see if the latest release of Potato is newer than the copy you're using. Potato will also check for updates automatically on startup by default.
  • New optional Select To Copy feature added, where selecting text from the output window automatically copies it to the clipboard. Suggested by Padraic.