What I'm Learning Setting Up My Own MUSH: Part 1 - It starts out easy... if you're willing to learn.

Submitted by RockyRaccoon on Sun, 2015-01-25 02:00

So I'm working on first MUSH project, as it's Vice-Director. This MUSH is called MahouMUSH, a Mahou Shoujo /Magical Girl Themed MUSH. If you don't know what that is, I will just say 'Sailor Moon', and you'll get the idea! Anyways. This started when a friend of mine, who I will call 'Mint Chip' was was driven away by staff of another game with a similar theme, that out of respect- as I still enjoy Roleplaying there, will remain nameless.

He says to me. "We should make our game, but with Hookers and Blackjack!"

"No, don't do that!" I say. "We don't wanna be a revenge game. But I think there IS a need for another game of this genre. A lot of people are looking. Let's make it happen! But you know, without the Hookers and Blackjack"

The first thing I did was get hosting. This was a major hurdle because it costs a resource I have little of. /Money/. Luckily, I already had an account for temporary hosting with TheMudHost.net, but that wouldn't work for when the game launched and became packed---we'd no doubt use up our limits! So we got hosting on Linode for cheap. Great host. Highly suggest it. ANYWAYS.

Then came the setup. Basic Setup was easy--- I'm a novice to intermediate Unix user. I setup the firewall and all that jazz. Then came the hard part. We didn't have a coder. Mint Chip knows how to code, but that's in other languages, but he was willing to learn MUSHcode. I didn't plan to go into this learning MUSHcode. I have a background in /dealing/ with MUSHcode, but I've never written any from scratch.

So I started looking for prebuilt code we could use, or modify, for our purposes. I gathered a lot of globals---- then pushed them into the recycle bin as much of these on websites like MUSHcode.com are older than dirt and have issues. Most of it works, but much of it doesn't have what we'd consider 'modern styles' to it's design that you expect on a themed MUSH. THEN I found LynnFarady's DB starter. I was not impressed with this- or it's limitations. I then found Volund's MUSHcode suite. This was MUCH better.

Volund's MUSHcode suite was extremely easy to install and setup. Copy Paste a few times and @shutdown/reboot, and bam, done and ready. It was also incredibly customize-able and easy to grasp, since we wanted to disable and restrict things-- like only staff being able to set groups and deal with them (So disabling the invite commands, etc.), and to disable the group bulletin boards and IC/OOC Channels for more conventional channels and BBoards locked to the groups. This was all easy to accomplish. And if I broke something, it was just a matter of recopying over the original code from the Suite's files again and trying it again.

Looking at all this code, I tried my hand at my own, with much thanks from folks at M*U*S*H, such as Wiggles and Kitai and even Volund himself recently.

I re-coded the content format of the room.

Then I built a Local Who.

I built a command that let's Guests change their name to ' Guest', then resets it back to normal when they disconnect... AND a command to reset all the names back to default at once for Wizards/Royals in case of a server crash.

Then I built a custom +tel system.

Then I built the +henshin (or, Armor Changing System) for the MUSH.

then I had to stop saying I didn't know how to code MUSHcode. I dunno why it was easy for me to pickup MUSHcode. I'm still new to it, of course, and still struggling, but it's better than not knowing at all. I felt particularly proud when I sat back and realized I coded a system that switches between stat sets all by myself.

So within maybe a month, we had our core systems all setup and looking neat- and later, added Volund's SceneSys just yesterday.

That's of course, far from done- as I'll talk about where it gets hard in Part 2!. BUT this doesn't change the fact I'm intensely proud of the work I've done so far.