SCS - Simple Combat System

Submitted by RockyRaccoon on Tue, 2015-01-27 05:03

I tried my hand at a Simple Combat System, as I noticed not many 'Free' Systems Exist for people. I am a noob coder, so this was good practice in any event, I imagine. It DOES work and hasn't caused my test MUSH to crash horribly in the past two days I've been coding it!

Anyways this system is meant to be simple. I accomplished that. But it also has a few features that are in more modern systems, such the ability to 'boss up' to take on multiple players, and switch between +forms (armor forms, etc.).

More or less, it compares a might and defense value, and rolls a die. if it fails, you miss. if it hits, you do 1 point of damage to the opponent. Since damage is usually measured on a 1 to 6 number from an Endurance Stat, doing high numbers of damage isn't needed.

It uses Attribute trees to store information. I know this is not the most efficient way of doing things, but it's the one I understand most.

I coded this over the course of.... lessee... about 11-15 hours in two days. Out of Boredom. Just to see if I was capable of something more complex than listing players or what not. So I'm releasing it publicly to folks to use if they really want to.

Pastebin can be found here:

UPDATE: I added some things, and cleaned it up, just a bit. It's now in version 4 I'm probably not going to work on this too much unless it needs glaring fixes.

UPDATE 2: Thanks to Wiggles for Improvement Suggestions, mainly, reducing the CPU intensive pmatch'ing, Player Connection Check, and whatnot.

UPDATE 3: I lied. Worked on it more. Added some Passive and Active Abilities to it: