Code Class / Q&A

Submitted by talvo on Tue, 2012-10-16 14:04

At the Building Class I taught at the weekend, a few topics came up which were a little outside the scope of the lecture - Locks and Zones, specifically - so I figured I'd bite the bullet and finally do a Coding Class, starting off with those two topics, and then branching out into a Q&A to cover anything else people had questions about. From the BB post:

By semi-popular demand, I will be teaching a Code Class/Q&A. The first 45-60 minutes will be an in-depth explaination of @locks and Zones. After that, for as long as there are people interested, questions will be answered and explainations given for any feature you like. Any coding level. If there's a particular topic you'd like to see discussed in-depth, please @mail me and let me know!

The class will be held in the Code Classroom of the MUSH101 Schoolhouse (#1061) on M*U*S*H ( on Saturday, Oct 20th at 2.30pm CDT (M*U*S*H-time).

If there's any code-related topic you have questions about and would like to see discussed, drop me an @mail on M*U*S*H or comment here.