Cheese Wheel Coding

Submitted by Ellis on Wed, 2002-11-27 02:07

For anyone who can't code expertly, but who found themselves attempting to create a MUSH, the following story will make you laugh. For the coders who see themselves in this, you should laugh, too, even if you go "Hey!"

One night, I was angry at one of our coders who was notorious for never coding anything we needed but is always mucking about. I was coding something (or attempting to), and the head coder wasn't on. A non-coding staffer was on with me, and I began grousing and cursing. He asks what I intend to do about +media code. I tell him, (in the fashion that one can tell their good friends) "I have no [censored] clue and if no one gets their butt onto coding one, I'll do it as a bboard." So, he senses I'm a bit annoyed and I tell him about the coder and the ever-changing Parent Room, and how when I ask for something, I get something else. He tells me that coding works like this:

Head WIZ: "I need a subway code in 3 weeks."
Coder: "Okay"

1 week later:
Head WIZ: Did you do the subway code?
Coder: Working on it. But I did get the parent rooms to output to all green if everyone in the room is female.

2 weeks later:
Head WIZ: How's the subways coming?
Coder: I didn't do those, but I will. I fancied up the +dsay, though.

3 weeks later:
Head WIZ: How's progress in code?
Coder: Great! I made a cheese-wheel factory that creates real cheese-wheel objects that you can eat.
Head WIZ: WHERE'S MY [censored] SUBWAY!?