Getting to the "Point" of Wordplay

Submitted by Bodin on Thu, 2015-04-16 21:45

Thu Apr 16 21:07:57 2015

Bodin says, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You often get a bunch of crap you hate."
Bodin says, "But the ones that are good are VERY good"
Bodin says, "Ok, so Gump said the same thing in less words, sew me"
Bodin says, "Er.. yeah, that's what I meant--better than being sued"
Wil is Dumb Wilco sews Bodin.
Bodin says, "Ow. I was wrong."
Wil is Dumb Wilco says, "Now you are wise."
Bodin says, "Actually, that's 'whys.' "Why would you actually try to sew me?""
Wil is Dumb Wilco says, "I dunno, just wanted to needle you."
Bodin says, "You're pretty sharp, I must admit"
Wil is Dumb Wilco says, "I'm not smart, just well-thread."
Bodin says, "You're just trying to athimble a bunch of sewing-related words"
Wil is Dumb Wilco says, "It fits my pattern."
Bodin says, "But, spools it isn't? You're just lying to me right in the 'eye'"
Wil is Dumb Wilco says, "You may have a point."
Bodin says, "Arrgh!"
Bodin says, "Ok, you win. Hay,stack that stuff somewhere else"
Bodin says, "And with that, I have become less wise."
Bodin says, "You did have me in stitches though!"
Wil is Dumb Wilco is glad you found another pun. Thought that if you couldn't you'd get crochet-y.
Bodin says, "Darn you!"
Bodin says, "You spin quite a yarn"
Bodin says, "I can come up with a few, but when it's retricted to sewing, your punnage looms over me!"
Wil is Dumb Wilco is just trying to cotton on.
Bodin says, "Weave a lot to discuss when it comes to all the different aspects of what goes into repairing clothing."
Bodin says, "Not to mention tailoring. Hem. Hem. *scuse me*"
Wil is Dumb Wilco says, "It's a pretty broad category but I'm not gonna knitpick."
Bodin says, "Well, dame it, why not? Wool you consider it?"
Wil is Dumb Wilco says, "Not as long as the puns are so silky."
Bodin says, "This could be a lot more fun if we got cotton gin--all the way to the bottom of the bottle"