Ugh...Stupid me >.

Submitted by Renee on Wed, 2003-09-03 01:10

I swear I need to start reading better!

A few days ago I restarted my game on a new Database but I saved the old Database in a .zip file then deleted the PENNMUSH folder and re-downloaded the PENNMUSH files. Anyway, the next day I wanted to re-run the old database (The old Database was PENNMUSH 1.7.7 P13) just incase we had to move back to it. So I @shutdown the MUSH and swapped Database files...Launch the runner...And whadda know it closes after a second...So I logon to M*U*S*H and ask on the hardcoding channel what could be wrong...Everything looked normal but the runner wouldn't remain open...

Well someone said that it may have been a problem with the lines in the indb file...So I got a program and ran the indb through it...The runner still closed. Next I got a program called 'Textpad' to check and make sure the lines were ok...Well the lines looked normal but the runner wouldn't stay open...Well after that I had to go to work...So I swapped the files again so my game could be up while I worked.

When I got back, I couldn't stop wondering what I did wrong. Well, when I got back my Hardcoder was finaly on (I can hardcode but he's better with it) I told him about the problem and...Dear God...I felt so dumb when he told me...I was actually on PennMUSH 1.7.6 Patch 13...I was suppost to be on 1.7.7 Patch 13...

I had to hear him laughing at me the whole night -.-