PennMUSH 1.7.7p20

Submitted by javelin on Wed, 2003-09-10 14:51

PennMUSH 1.7.7p20 is available from the usual place. This is not a large patch in size, but contains many new features and bugfixes.

From the CHANGES.177 file:

Major Changes:
  * minimal.db is no more. If you start up the server and there's no
    db to be found, it creates a new minimal database in memory
    on the fly. Feel free to delete your coopy of minimal.db. [SW]
    (In related news, the default OSUCC on #0 in minimal.db is gone. 
    Suggested by Cheetah@M*U*S*H. So much for the mists.)
Minor Changes:
  * SSL connections are now ended before the dump when rebooting,
    but their descriptor information sticks around to ensure that
    their @adisconnect is run after the reboot. Based on suggestions
    by Vadiv@M*U*S*H and [TAP].
  * When _DEBUG is defined in a win32 build, don't copy pennmush.exe
    to pennmush_run.exe. Makes debugging easier. Patch by Luke@M*U*S*H.
  * In pueblo mode, no longer clear past images after each room look.
    Patch by Konstantine Shirow.
  * In pueblo mode, we no longer render ansi attributes or colors with
    HTML tags; we assume the client will correctly handle them as ansi
    intermixed with Pueblo. This solves a variety of problems.
    Based on a discussion with Konstantine Shirow.
  * When matching $commands and ^listens, insure that a matching attribute
    exists before testing locks. This may break some strange locks using
    %c, but hopefully won't. Suggested by Cheetah@M*U*S*H.
  * The @scan command temporarily sets %c to the command to be scanned
    (without "@scan" prefixed) so that it can detect commands that use
    %c-matching. Based on ideas from Cheetah and Walker@M*U*S*H.
  * Added support for Pueblo's md5 checksum. We track it on each
    descriptor, though we don't do anything with it currently.
  * Speed-up to fun_merge. Patch by Walker@M*U*S*H.
  * Internal cleanup of flags in channel_broadcast.
  * Wizards may @name themselves to names forbidden in names.cnf.
    Patch by LeeLaLimaLLama@M*U*S*H.
  * We are now forgiving of stupid non-RFC-compliant telnet clients
    that send CR only even when they claim to be sending CRLF
    (Read: MS Windows XP telnet). MS bug reported first by
  * Misleading restrict_command on @clone removed from restrict.cnf,
    as @dig/@open/@create permissions already control @clone.
    Suggested by Philip Mak.
  * lstats() and quota() now allow objects to see stats/quota on other
    objects they control (e.g., on their owners, perhaps). Suggested
    by Philip Mak.
  * hastype() can now test for type GARBAGE. Suggested by Tanaku@M*U*S*H.
  * The new ']' command prefix causes the rest of the command-line
    not to be evaluated by the expression parser. Try: ]think [add(1,1)]
    Inspired by Elendor.
  * @hook/ignore. [mux]
  * @hook/override [Rhost, though they don't call it that]
  * @debugforwardlist forwards DEBUG output to dbrefs on the list.
    Suggested by Balerion@M*U*S*H.
  * A new test harness for developing regression test suites in perl
    for PennMUSH is now included; few test suites are. If you can figure
    out how to use this, write some tests for us! (If you can't, don't
    ask about it, please :)
  * @lock/interact can prevent other players from transmitting any
    normal sound to you (that is, you won't hear them speak, pose, 
    emit, etc., like gagging them in a client). It doesn't control
    page (use @lock/page) or @mail (use @lock/mail). You still
    hear 'presence' messages (connects/disconnects/arrivals/leaves)
    so you can have a sense of who can hear you but you can't hear.
    Patch by Philip Mak.
  * Configure script no longer keeps adding -lssl -lcrypto over and
    over to the Makefile. Report by Sholevi@M*U*S*H.
  * Portability fixes for compiling with MSVC5 by Luke@M*U*S*H.
  * The behavior of spaces inside parentheses that aren't part of a
    function has been improved. Report by Jason Newquist. [TAP]
  * txt/*.html files were being improperly escaped before being
    sent to Pueblo connections. Report by Konstantine Shirow.
  * mushdb.h includes flags.h, as it relies on constants from there.
    Suggested by Philip Mak.
  * Better error reporting on some failure messages in chunk allocator.
    Patch by Philip Mak.
  * @config/set with an invalid option now returns an error.
    Report by Sholevi@M*U*S*H.
  * Fix to interaction checking in notify_anything that could result
    in the wrong check being performed. Report by Philip Mak.
  * Help fixes by LeeLaLimaLLama@M*U*S*H, Sunny@M*U*S*H, Sketch@M*U*S*H.