Fifth Innovations in Text-Based Gaming Conference

Submitted by javelin on Mon, 2003-10-20 08:59

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M*U*S*H ( 4201) will hold the fifth Innovations in Text-Based Gaming Conference on October 25, from 3pm - 5:15pm US Central Time. All are invited. Read on for the current line-up:

3:00 Keynote: Richard Bartle - "Design on the Hotseat"

Bartle, co-creator of the first MUD and author of Designing Virtual Worlds, will facing grilling by Javelin over several of the provocative issues raised by that book, and will later take audience questions.
3:45 Trispis - "Core Notions"
Trispis, M*U*S*H admin and maintainer of the 101 Schoolhouse website, will revisit the WarpedCore project in light of recent hardcode developments in PennMUSH.
4:05 Javelin - "Family feud, whuffie, and human capital: Experiments in respect-based economies"
Javelin, God of M*U*S*H, will discuss the idea of a respect-based economy in game and social muds with two examples from M*U*S*H and one that has yet to see the light of day.
4:35 Ellis - "The Fun Quotient Discipline System for RP MUSHes"
Ellis will reflect on 10 months of testing the FQ discipline system and take questions.
5:05 Closing announcements, including the announcement of the first M*U*S*H Architect-in-Residence