Mush Documentation Project

Submitted by walker on Tue, 2003-12-02 07:23

Many people have complaints that existing documentation available for PennMUSH gods, staff, coders, builders, etc are out of date, lacking in helpful use, complicated beyond understanding, or just plain useless.

I have undertaken to start the Mush Documentation Project (MDP). My purpose with this is to build an actual gaming mush from the ground up. At every step of the way, detailed explanations will be given to attentive (one would hope ;) 'students'. Teaching logs, more in depth documentation writing, code samples and explanations will be compiled into a large book.

My own contribution to the project will be to shoulder the brunt of the softcode teaching. I already have some other volunteers willing to spend time and effort in seeing the MDP become a Reality. What about you?

It doesn't have to be softcode related, this compilation should eventually cover as many topics related to mush administration and creation as possible.

Oh, and did I mention I'm looking for a lucky winner to be chosen as the god/'owner' of the mush-to-be? That's right - If you have a good theme and vision for a mush you'd like to see, mail it to me. Many may apply, however, so I'll pick the one most conducive to the purpose of the MDP.

For more in-depth information, and how to join the project or submit your theme as an application to be considered, the current, temporary web site is:

I hope to get this to be, as well as tying it into in the future.

What we primarily need:
* Students of all skill levels and interests: Builders, coders, staffers, gamers, etc. who've done little more than play on mu*s before, to experienced hands. Students must also ask the teacher to clarify any portion of the topic, in case the teacher jumps too far ahead.
* Teachers/lecturers in any topic. You don't have to commit to a huge curriculum. Just one or two workshops is fine.
* Documenters, authors, and editors to write up and nicefy all the workshops, lectures, examples, etc.
* SGML geeks who can coalesce information given them into linuxdoc SGML format.

And we need advertisers. The more people we have working on this, the better. And I'm accepting applications for the mu* Head Cheese until December 12th.