HSpace and HSpace World

Submitted by bladedthoth on Thu, 2002-11-28 02:10

I didn't know what to file this under. *g*

I'd like to remind you all about HSpace project. Moving ahead nicely, it has some great features coming soon, including HSpace 5.0. You can check out the latest version and specific forums at http://www.hspace.org

As well, I run a 'community' website for those who would like information on, discuss, and find links, plus much more, around the HSpace line. Currently I only track HSpace Trueline, but if you have a space engine with a basis in HSpace, contact me as well. Come check my site out!!! http://themeless.xidus.net

As well, if you'd like to get our news feed right in your PennMUSH Community pages, head on up to -- user account -- here, and turn on the HSpace World feed in the settings, and voila! You'll see our news feed below the 'Who's Online' block on the right!