PennMUSH in Debian

Submitted by Noltar on Wed, 2004-09-08 23:58

I'm very pleased to announce that Pennmush 1.7.7p38 is now a part of both testing and unstable releases of Debian Linux on all officially supported architectures. This means that PennMUSH will also be in the next stable release of Debian, Sarge, which is planned to be released within the next month.

The PennMUSH package itself is structured with multiple mushes in mind. It facilitates keeping an entire hosting server up to date for all users. The process itself is shared globally, with each installation, created by running the penn-install command, linking to the netmush executable and creating copies of the necessary configuration files for customization.

My hope is that the availability of PennMUSH in Debian will lead to more widespread usage, better bug reporting, and the development of more robust behavior on a variety of hardware architectures.