Recovering from a lost God password (1.8.0+)

Submitted by Tyr on Tue, 2005-01-04 15:22

Having forgotten the god pw on my tinkering site, I went into the db to hack it out...and lo and behold, the instructions in the Guide for 1.7.x no longer applied! The new db format deprecated them. With Jav's help, I figured out how to do it with the new format.

Instructions are as follows:
Decompress your outdb and open it in your favorite editor. Look for an attribute resembling this:

attrcount 10

Reduce it by one.
Then look for something like this:

 name "XYXXY"
  owner #1
  flags "no_command wizard locked internal"
  derefs 0
  value "XX13793169753747280487"

Delete everything between the end of the previous attribute and the !2 (signifying the start of #2). Save. Re-compress, restart your game, et voilà! You've just hacked #1's pw.