PennMUSH 1.8.0p2

Submitted by javelin on Thu, 2005-02-03 13:37

PennMUSH 1.8.0p2 has been released in the usual place. This patchlevel fixes the following important bugs:

  • @break/@assert could double-evaluate the right side.
    Patch by Walker@M*U*S*H.
  • ""hi didn't produce the right output. Patch by Walker@M*U*S*H.
  • Better output for @warn me=none and invalid warning lists.
    Suggested by T'orA@M*U*S*H
  • Help fix by Meyer@M*U*S*H.
  • Bug in reading dbs when no chatdb present. Discovered by

All users of 1.7.7 and 1.8.0 should upgrade to this version.