Getting to Z: part 1

Submitted by boris on Wed, 2006-01-25 11:25

For a few years, I have been increasingly interested in how COTS (commercial, off the shelf games) can be successfully used in the education space.

For a basic introduction to games and education please click here. This covers a teachers perspective of the games in education movement.

As a long time fan of text-based games, bringing a MUSH into my classroom seems a logical and natural progression of my interest in games in education.

This is an introduction to a multi-part series in which I hope to detail my successes and challenges using a Star Trek MUSH to help 8th graders (14 years old) understand XY and Z on a cartesian coordinate plane.

Most of my entries here will be cross-posted from my blog, However, I'm sure some mush-specific material will emerge as we explore this exciting new instructional strategy, which I will post here.