My retirement

Submitted by javelin on Wed, 2006-07-05 23:26

The game's the thing, for in our play we touch
Another's soul, and bring to it new life
New words, new truth, new joy, as forasmuch
As we increase our play we d'minish strife.

I am both pleased and wistful to announce that as of the current release of PennMUSH, I have retired as PennMUSH maintainer, and will soon leave the development team. Raevnos will be taking over as the lead developer, and Noltar will be responsible for integration and release of patchlevels. My interest in the copyright of PennMUSH has been transferred to Talek.

As I will no longer be providing support for PennMUSH, support inquiries should be directed to Most or all of the PennMUSH resources I manage (the home page, ftp site, translation system, etc.) will likely migrate to Noltar's control, although I expect to continue to host I also plan to continue to run mushes using the PennMUSH codebase, including M*U*S*H.

It's sort of a cliche to say that one is leaving to pursue other opportunities (I think that's a euphemism for 'he's getting canned' in the corporate world), but in this case it's largely the truth. While I've enjoyed working on PennMUSH, I have many other interests that I'd like to have more time for, and I'm not getting any younger. :) For example, I'll be spending the upcoming Fall, Winter, and Spring writing a book on clinical decision making for community physicians (look for it from Cambridge University Press, probably in late 2007 or early 2008!)

It's been over 11 years since I took over PennMUSH development from Amberyl. It's been an incredible learning experience, and with the help of the much-more-talented team of developers I've managed to recruit over that time, I like to think that PennMUSH has come a long way. As you probably know, I'm a research psychologist; I have no formal training in computer science. Were it not for Talek, Rhyanna, Trivian, Raevnos, Halatir, Noltar, and Walker, I wouldn't know half as much about data structures, algorithms, and networking as I do (I still don't know half as much as they do). The server is in excellent hands.

Most of all, it's been a pleasure to interact with all of the PennMUSH users and admins who've done amazing and innovative things with the code, and produced absorbing and entertaining worlds and games of great depth. I hope I have more time now to play at a few of these. Keeping text-based gaming going is important -- nothing fires the imagination like immersion in well-written prose, and nothing feeds the soul like play.

Thanks again, folks,

Alan Schwartz / Javelin