Potted plant

Submitted by Trispis on Mon, 2006-09-04 21:08

Challenge: Create a potted plant.

The potted plant should be an object that can be looked at, picked up, and dropped. When a player interacts with the plant in one of these ways, it should give appropriate feedback to the player. For example:

> get potted plant

You carefully pick up a potted plant.

> drop plant

That might break it, so you set it down gently instead.

Other players in the same room should also see messages for the interactions, such as:

"Trispis sets down a potted plant."

Relevant help files for this challenge are:

  • @create - to create a THING (see also, types of objects)
  • @describe - for setting what is seen when it's looked at.
  • @succ, @osucc - what is seen when it's picked up
  • @drop, @odrop - what is seen when it's put down/dropped

Challenged proposed by: Trispis