Player-only portal

Submitted by Trispis on Mon, 2006-09-04 21:18

The goal of this challenge is to create an exit that allows PLAYERs to pass through, but prevents THINGs from passing through.

The exit should have an appropriate description. A player passing through the exit should get feedback, as should other observers on either side of the exit. A thing failing to pass through the next should cause observers to get feedback on the attempt.

*Extra Challenge*: Allow players and Puppets, but no other things, to pass.

Relevant help files:

  • @dig, @open, @link
  • @lock, locktypes, types of objects
  • @succ and @drop family, @fail family

I think the challenge can easily be done with the above. If you want to dabble with various types of locks (rather than flag or object type locks), consider an evaluation lock - here are some initial pointers for help files relevant to an evaluation type of lock...

  • types of objects, type(), hastype() - for the basic challenge
  • hasflag() - optional for the puppet challenge
  • boolean functions, or(), and()

This coding challenge by: Trispis